Where to start?

People often use the words like fate, lucky, coincidence. I choose to use the words like blessed, favored, protected. I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe things that were meant to harm can be used for things that are meant for good. The reason that I believe this is because as I have gotten older, I realize how little control we have over everything. I can’t see the next 10 seconds of my life never mind five or 10 years from now. Because of that I have to trust that there is a being that is orchestrating the steps and purpose of my life. I also believe that we are given hopes and dreams and desires that are directly related to how we are created. Some people love to be outside and hike and some people love to build with their hands and some people love to nurture and care and all those things were placed inside of us to discover and use them to create a life that we envision.

So, using that as the basis for this blog my hope for everyone that comes across this is that they can have a blessed life. You can choose for yourself what direction to take. You cannot, however, be a jellyfish in the ocean of life and expect to get there. A jellyfish just waits on a wave or a current to take them wherever it is they need to go. In order to have a blessed life you must envision what the end of your life looks like and get up every day and take the steps to be true to that vision.

Start there! If you could get up tomorrow morning and you open your eyes and your laying bed what does that window look like? What does your bed look like? What does the hallway you walk into look like? Are you walking upstairs or downstairs? When you get to your kitchen to tun on your coffee maker what does your kitchen look like? Before you can ever get to that goal you have to know what it looks like. It may not look like that when you get there because as you are going through the journey thoughts and ideas change but when you do get there it is exactly what you wanted.
So, today’s challenge is to take 10 minutes in a quiet space regardless of what your life is like at this moment and think about and envision what could be without any restrictions. Don’t give yourself a timeline at this point just give yourself the freedom to dream. Dreaming does not make things a reality. Achieving goals is what makes your dreams a reality. But you have to know what it is you are pushing towards. Why are you getting up every day and working hard? The picture of those dreams is what drives you to get up, attacking the goals you set is what helps you achieve reaching those dreams.