What is the Sum Of Five?

It has been said that you are the sum of the five people involved in your life. Some of them you can’t choose but some of them you can. Look around, observe your surroundings. With whom do you spend time? Who do you call when you have a problem or crisis? What are your activities?
Are you a reader or a TV watcher? Do you play games on the computer all day? Are you advancing your goals and ambitions by the actions you are taking? Are you a jelly fish or a dolphin? Basically, that means does the ocean water determine where you end up or are you full on swimming at 20 mph to get to a destination at which you want to be?
The sun is going to come up each morning whether you have a goal to reach or not. Every action (or non-action) you take propels you further, keeps you the same or allows you to slip backwards.

 Don’t be the jelly fish and let life and its circumstances push you out deeper and deeper into colder and darker waters when you really want to be headed to the Caribbean waters. Choose to head where you want to go! Does it matter if it’s tomorrow when you arrive or 10 years from now as long as you get there? Because guess what, ten years is going to pass anyway so be sure you wake up with a different view when that ten-year mark hits!The people you surround yourself will have A LOT to do with you achieving your goals. Funny how when we have a hardship, we want people to say, “I know how you feel, my power got cut off too!” Like it helps you get your power back on. No, now there are two broke people in the same broken boat! Have a friend around that says “Dude, you need a better job, I just got a raise and look at my new car!” That may sting a bit but if you allow yourself to hang out with person, surround yourself with this person, you will eventually have a better job. There is just something about being with more successful people to help spur you on to reach that next goal or level!


If you live in a trailer hang out with people that own a home, they know how to get one! If you ride a bike to work hang out with people that have a car, they know how to get one! We get really comfortable when we are all in the same boat and NOBODY wants anybody rocking that boat. You see it all the time people sabotaging other people to try to bring them “back down” where everyone is in the same crappy mess! CHANGE your view!! Change some of your friends!
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