My Story

You first need to know a couple things about me. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I believe that God has a definite plan for each creature on this earth. If you are still here, he has a plan for you and you’re not finished fulfilling that plan. You also need to know that I have been broke and I have been very comfortable. I prefer the latter.
At my lowest I was living in my parents’ basement apartment, which by the way was very nice. But I was 40 years old, had been married at the time for 20 years and had three children all living at my parents. We had just foreclosed on our home. It wasn’t exactly where we expected to be at 40 years old. But now 10 years later I would not change that experience for anything. I learned more in that 10 years about success, discipline, goals and dreams, and am now the owner of a seven-figure company.
It’s amazing what you can do when you must but my hope in helping you further your goals for turning your dreams into reality is that you realize you can do not only what you have but what you want to.
So, my back story is, I wanted to be nothing more than a stay-at-home mom. However, it just does not pay the bills. In my endeavor to do so for 25 years I did many things trying to both have an income and be home with my kiddos! I worked alongside my mother at a gift shop where my son came with us every day. Then I wanted to homeschool, and I needed to make more money, so I decided to be a child caregiver in my home. This was working well and meeting our bills and allowing me to stay home at the same time. However, I ended up having two more children and one of them was very premature and did not allow me to continue to watch children in my home. So, I set out to start a “work at home” business through a network marketing company. For a while this was great but as I grew my business, I found myself traveling to other states and trying to find people that wanted the same goals I had, and I was no longer running a work at home business I was running all over the place 40 hours a week. This was a great company, I was in the top 3% of the company and was driving a beautiful luxury car provided by the company making more money than I had in a while BUT, it was taking me away from the one place that I wanted to be—— Home with my kids!

Today, I have a 25-year-old, a 16-year-old, and a 15-year-old. My 25-year-old started his own business at 17 and is currently pursuing a career in music as well. I must brag just for a moment, also giving the glory to God, that he purchased his first home at 20 and then at 24 purchased a newer home in a beautiful area. He set out with goals and planned to reach them he has also flipped some homes and has made a wonderful life for himself. Things like this don’t just happen.
In 2009 we were a casualty of the crashing housing market and every other market and we did lose our home I did not have an income anymore and we were in a sense starting over. One day when I was at a homeschool event, I questioned another mom as to what I could do to earn an income and stay-at-home. She made the funny suggestion that I should clean houses. This was funny because rarely did I ever clean my own home I was always the type to do whatever was screaming at me the most, I hate to admit it. She told me her mom is always looking for someone to clean her house and that I should give her a call. So, I did!
This is where being a believer in God and his work in one’s life came into reality for me. I just had a sincere talk with God and told him that whatever became of this work I was doing, it would be run by Him and he would receive the glory for anything prosperous that came of it. I never set out to become a huge company. I literally was looking for two things, grocery money and money for my kids’ activities. I vowed to never work more than 12 hours a week and my mom graciously offered to help watch my younger kids those 12 hours I was working away from home.
It took 3 years, but we worked ourselves out of that basement (even though I loved being able to spend a lot of time with my parents) we needed our own place. I was still cleaning two days a week and growing. I remember telling God whoever you bring in and whoever you take out, it was fine and in his hands. This attitude really makes you lean on the Bible verse that says do not worry about anything but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. He can see tomorrow and next year and a decade from now, I couldn’t even see if my kids were going to take a nap!!

You have to know what you’re going after you have to be able to break it down into what steps to take to get there and you have to be flexible in the instant that a different route might need to be taken to reach the ultimate goal you have for yourself. No one is born with these skills! At one point in my journey I needed a business coach in my field, someone who had walked the same path that I was walking. Hands down it was the best decision I ever made in helping me to reach my financial goals.
Sitting here today, sharing my story with you, I do run a seven-figure business and the time that I put in is roughly 10 hours a week. I am still a homeschool mom and my 16-year-old is trying to figure out what business to start.
Education does not simply mean schooling or college. Education is learning! Figuring out what works and even more importantly what does not work.
I have a heart for the homeschool community I have a heart for moms that want to do nothing but be at home with their babies and I have a drive to want to see people create something out of nothing. I know I have the skills to help anyone who wants to figure out what their dreams are, break them down into goals and write out the action steps to make it all happen!
Book a consultation today to see how I can best help you or your student start taking the steps to see your dreams and believe they can be achieved! See it, Believe it, Achieve it!